Artwork on Glass Panels & Cutting Boards



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Glass prints are simply stylish and will most definitely be the eyecatcher in any interior. Glass reflects light; glass prints will bounce light, giving your photo art the most extraordinary sparkle of life. It gives your photos an illuminating effect as light passes through. Glass art is regularly used by photographers when showcasing their work. 

Photo Glass is frosted white flat .13” thick glass with either rounded .125” radius corner edges or .5″ beveled rounded edges. 

Can be ordered with acrylic feet for tabletop display. or ask us about Framing! **Metal stands pictured above sold separately**



5" x 7" $25.00
8" x 10" $47.12
11" x 14" $71.40
12" x 18" $84.00
16" x 20" $97.28
16" x 24" $118.56
20" x 30" $176.88


Your Art on Glass Kitchen Cutting Boards!

Artwork that is Beautiful AND Functional!


These pieces are backed in white, made of ripple tempered glass. They include self-adhesive rubber feet to keep from slipping. They are dishwasher safe. MADE IN USA.

Dependable, Long Lasting, and Impact Resistant While Enhancing Your Kitchen Décor; Use To Protect Your Kitchen Surfaces From Scratches, Damage or Heat From Cookware & Utensils. Great For Any Home or Kitchen, Ideal Gift For Any Occasion.

Anti-Bacterial Glass Surface Resists Stains and Odors; Super Easy To Keep Clean. 

And you can add an easel to this and create a centerpiece or a beautiful piece to enhance a shelf when not in use.


8" Round Small Glass pebble surface


12" Round Glass pebble surface


11" x 8" Small Rectangle Glass


12" x 15" Large Rectangle Glass


7.5" x 14.25" Cheese Board



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