Creating custom artwork is something we pride ourselves on. Any client we work with to create custom artwork proofs the concept prior to printing to make sure the art is perfect for their space! We can digitally drop the art into a photo of any space as well. Sometimes having a visual can make all the difference. We have even gone as far as to use a sample of the wallpaper to assure that the piece would match the environment it will be hung in.

An example is a client who lives in northwest Iowa was interested in fish art that showcased some of the Florida flavor to their home in Iowa. We created a blended piece including multiple images, layered together to create one amazing fish art piece.

To create the artwork we incorporated:
  • Vintage map of Lake Okoboji
  • Detailed photo of fish scales
  • Vintage lure patent design
  • Lake bed water
  • Bass Anatomy Illustration
  • Vintage Compass Rose from map


Canvas Zoo is a part of My Favorite Art Place. Our goal is to help people to surround themselves with the art that make their heart happy!
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Whether it’s your favorite snapshot, children’s art or a photo montage that our team creates for just for you, we are passionate about producing quality canvases and prints that you are sure to love.