Artwork in Healthcare Environments
Nothing is more stressful than dealing with a healthcare issue, or taking care of stressed people while they are waiting for the resolution of a healthcare issue. Ways to reduce the stress is to help people momentarily take their mind off their troubles – and let them daydream while looking at something soothing. This is the basis behind the research that shows that art plays a role in healing sick people.  Artwork serves many functions in healthcare facilities. It soothes and welcomes patients and visitors. It can distract from worry. And it is helpful to calm the people who work in those environments as well.
Research shows that looking at nature, for most people, is a calming experienced.  It can reduce blood pressure, reduce the sensation of pain, and minimize the need for pain medication.
My Favorite Art Place enjoys our partnership with many healthcare facilities in creating artwork to support the good work of their staff.

Ligature Resistant Art:

Ligature Resistant Art is created in a way that makes them safe for displaying artwork in healthcare and behavioral healthcare environments. This is more than simply using break resistant material. It includes specific types of materials and installation. My Favorite Art Place has an extensive offering of framing styles that are:

  • Protective coated Murals of all sizes available.
  • Extensive selection of framing that slope away from the wall are available to match any decor.
  • All materials have been created to easily remove graffiti.
  • Tamper resistant screws or security hardware
  • Materials are appropriate for areas with water, eg: bathrooms, kitchens, etc.
  • A wide variety of ready-made artwork is available.
  • Mirrors of any size are available.
  • All pieces are created based on your facility design – custom size custom color.
  • Each frame is made to your specified dimensions to accommodate artwork, documentation, regulatory information, etc.
  • Simple installation requires no specific skills.
  • A variety of glazing materials are available.
  • Pick resistant sealant for the edges is available.
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Horses bodies outlined in aluminum painted with fabric bodies
Template in preparation for hanging horses - 38" high x 123.5" long
Lights On!

Room / Public Room WHite Board Marker Boards

Public Spaces and Patient Rooms can be enhanced with Marker Boards that are fully customized with background art with a marker board on top to share communication with patients, staff, and visitors.  Standard sizes and custom sizes with a wide selection of images are available.