//Celebrate the Children!

Celebrate the Children!

Faith Covenant Church in St Petersburg, FL is committed to helping families establish a spiritual foundation for their younger family members. They offer fun, safe, age-appropriate environments for kids of all ages. Their goal is to communicate God’s love at the kid or teens level of understanding. They believe students have a unique impact and influence in our world, our city and in church. Their students are not the church of tomorrow. They are a vital part of who they are today.

My Favorite Art Place had the honor of helping Faith Covenant Church communicate their message with playful artwork, 4ft x 4ft images of kids, who represent this important part of their church family. To learn more about the Church, visit http://www.faithcovenantchurch.us/. To learn more about how your space can better communicate your vision and mission, Contact Us!

Big corporate art of kids in hall - green color
Big corporate art of kids in hall
Big corporate art of three boys in hall
Big corporate art of four girls in hall