Welcome To Greater Tampa Realtors!

Greater Tampa Realtors is the home for education, training and support for over 9,000 real estate professionals in Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties. Daily trainings and educational opportunities bring these professionals so they can be at the top in their field. My Favorite Art Place was proud to produce this 7ft x 15ft "Welcome To Greater Tampa Realtor"


Florida Cancer Specialists – Cape Coral Florida

My Favorite Art Place recently had the honor of partnering with Florida Cancer Specialists in designing and producing the artwork for their Cape Coral, Florida facility. We used artwork from five local artists to give it a flavor of Lee County to create a space that would induce healing and be comfortable for the clients and employees alike.


Art that Soothes

A beautiful piece of art has the power to calm and slow time. And when waiting at a medical clinic - even when the wait is usually very short - it's nice to have something soft and soothing to reflect upon.  These drawings were created with pencil - drawn loosely to understate the sense of life and movement. My Favorite


Comfortable Healthcare Environment

Members of the Baby Boomer Generation share common memories reminiscent of 'those good ole' days.' Even just mentioning the names conjures up images: - S&H Green stamps - Leave it to Beaver - I Love Lucy - Playing "count the different states on the license plates" games - Bazooka Joe - 45's, cat eye glasses, rotary phones, and much much


Visually Interesting Meeting and Training Area

  How do you keep team members engaged at meetings and trainings? Especially when they are not the types who enjoy sitting for long periods of time? Create a visually interesting and stimulating environment that reminds them of the Vision, Mission and Goals of their jobs and of their department. That's exactly what My Favorite Art Place


Colorful View of Tampa

 The Greater Tampa REALTORS® (GTR), the “Voice for Real Estate” in Tampa since 1911, represents nearly 9,000 members and is the largest Tampa Bay-based professional association of real estate brokers and sales associates conducting business throughout the Bay area.   My Favorite Art Place has been enjoying helping GTR rebrand their beautifully remodeled business with impactful art that speaks to their members while communicating


Words promote Culture

  If asked to describe your company culture in five words, what would say? More often than not, a company’s culture is implied rather than explicitly defined. Where a good vision statement can inspire loyalty, hard work and innovation, includes statements on the walls. Your Vision words visually available help keep your team on the same vision. And these graphics that My