T.H. Saunders creates art by creating and then optical imaging microscopic crystals, from the chemistry of coffee, tea, spirits, beer, wine, pharmaceuticals – even the chemistry extracted from a broad array of commercial products. This imagery emerges from the confluence of science and human imagination, each piece the result of applying the disciplines of many aspects of microscopy, science, and technology into an orchestrated process in order to create an aesthetically pleasing piece of Art. The color of the imaging is a natural, precisely as seen on the microscope slide. This is NOT “digital fractal art” created via computer manipulation or imaging software, rather the result of a process of evaporation and crystallization uniquely influenced by the chemical composition of the various materials from which the imaging crystal is made.

As a part of the “My Favorite Art Place” Artist Community, T.H. is happy to create custom size custom color artwork from a product that is important to you – be it for corporate or residential environment. Contact us to learn more!

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