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My Favorite Art Place in Clearwater, FL is a multidimensional art business:

My Favorite Art Place  – MFAP

Mission a customer focused art partner specializing in 1) helping to create corporate environments communicate their branding and contribute to the creation of corporate culture with art, and 2) to help people surround themselves with artwork that makes their heart happy.

Featuring high level of creativity using quality materials and craftsmanship.

Assisting Artists, Photographers, Designers and homeowners by creating quality art pieces to enhance environments.

Passionate about creating a business that generates a quality lifestyle for the owners, our employees, partners and vendors.

  • Lifting spirits with the spaces we help create. Our environment has a profound effect on our well-being and quality of life.
  • Our one-stop approach allows everything to be done under our roof.
  • Created by artists. For you. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • How to begin a project? Wondering the best art, the perfect size, how will it look? Simply email us a photo of your space and we’ll help you choose the perfect sized art.
  • If you’re not in Florida?  No problem. We ship nationally and internationally.
  • From a single canvas to a full commercial environment, we look forward to working with you to bring your vision to a reality.
  • The value of art and branding in our work spaces.
  • Adapting your ideas into art
  • We are a team of artists who love what we do.  Helping to bring about environments in which you want to work, play and live.

  • fine art printing for over 20 years
  • custom framing for over 20 years
  • art gallery with a variety of styles and artists
  • cast paper art manufacturing

We work hard to help artists grow their business and to help non profits have similar goals succeed. It is just the way we do business. To find out more, click here.

Click below to see video’s about our various products / services

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See What Our Customers Are Saying!

I looked online and at shows for over 1-1/2 years. I scoured the internet for over 20,000 pictures. I found the “Sphere on Water” picture online, and immediately fell in love. I kept going back to this picture, it is mesmerizing. My home is accented in turquoise, so this was a perfect fit. I have a very large horizontal wall, but this is a vertical picture. I called and spoke with Scott. I was beyond thrilled that he was willing to help me with this predicament. After going back and forth we came upon a solution. We decided on a frame and the picture came two days ago. It was hung this morning. It is STUNNING!!! I could not be more pleased, and I cannot thank Scott enough for helping with this creation. Well worth the time, effort and result!!! OUTSTANDING! —
We had a large display area above our fireplace in a two story family room that we didn’t know what to do with. I came across and LOVED their idea of taking a series of photos and transferring to canvass, and then clustering them in a group. I sent them a series of our last 5 annual family vacation portraits and they transferred them to canvass of different sizes and shapes per my request. I can’t tell you how incredible and clear these turned out! We have filled that empty space with our family fun memories and it looks unbelievable. Anyone who comes by the house comments how neat it is and I refer them to

She was extremely happy. I don’t think anyone has ever given her such a beautiful picture of the two of them. She opened it and just beamed and throughout our visit had it hugged to her chest and every so often would look it and beam all over again. Thank you for being such a professional who delivers each and every time!

We received the pictures on Wednesday. We were able to hang all of them in such a short amount of time, thanks to the picture template. I LOVE THE WHOLE CLUSTER, I can’t stop looking at the pictures! My best friend is very picky but noticed the cluster as soon as she walked into our house and could not say enough good things about it. Same with my sisters. Now my husband is thinking he needs to contact you for his “man cave” remodel next spring. Thank you to your whole team! I’ll send pics soon.
We love how the lobby looks – the team effort add color and style to our architecturally unique atrium with Scott Menaul’s beautiful abstracts is stunning.

I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love, love, love the canvas! I am so glad I purchased from Canvas Zoo. Love it! We have gotten a ton of compliments on it, as it is a focal piece of our living room now.
I only get to see my daughter who lives across country about once or twice a year. We had a picture of taken us by some falls that was just beautiful. I decided to send a copy to her in a frame but before I did so, I had rework it a little. They actually were able to center it better and erase the other people and a garbage can that were in the shot. It came out amazing! I was VERY impressed with their work and attention to detail. We will use them for MANY more things!
I can’t thank you enough, I was in a tight situation with a big client and you guys came through for me. I will pass on the word and keep coming back.
Thank you so much for my canvas print! I LOVE it! It was the highlight of my day yesterday! The colors are so bright and clear! Much better than some of the other companies I have used in the past!
I just had to tell you that the “Sunset Triptych” I purchased from Scott looks totally awesome in my dining room. I am so pleased with it and very appreciative of how you personally worked with me to find the right size and shape for the wall. I have to tell you that I had looked at nearly every art piece at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival and was just enamored with the one I saw, and eventually purchased from you. I look forward to seeing more unique and beautiful pieces from your studio. Thank you from BF, Washington, DC”
Working with you on our family photo restorations rekindled so many memories… My thanks for all the hard work!
Another Happy Designer with another Happy Client!!
“Just wanted to let you know that the customer is RAVING about the artwork you sent recently- for the conference room- She LOVES it”
We received our canvases yesterday. I must say…..WOW!!!! They are amazing. I see some more orders in the future. Thank you for getting them to me so quick. I cannot wait to give them as gifts for our wedding!
Thank you so much for restoring the ONLY photo I have from when I was a baby. This is important to me and you did an excellent job. Better than I could have expected. I’ll be back.
I don’t write often on products I order but this time I had to. The canvas prints came out simply awesome. My wife and I are so pleased with the results. I will be ordering more as my daughter just got back from Italy with tons of great photos. She took one look at them and said, “WOW!” You were correct in saying you would do a good job on these. In fact good isn’t even close, a better word would be an awesome. The prints looked even better than the originals. Feel free to use this as a review of your performance!
I cannot Thank You enough for the GORGEOUS canvas that you made and perfected of me and my father. It hangs proudly in my living room and I look at it daily with so many fond memories of that day. Your work is second to none and what a fantastic job you have done. Thank you for everything and for making sure that the picture was going to be perfect before it was sent out. It not only looks amazing and beautiful, but any larger and it would almost seem life-like. My father looks amazing and that is exactly how I pictured it in my head…But you perfected even that picture and enhanced it to a breathtaking canvas that will forever grace my wall and make me smile when I see my father’s smiling face. Thank You Thank You a million times over.